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Generator Commissioning

Generator Commissioning

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A generator commissioning service can be provided for all Diesel Generators and this handover service ensures the power protection system has been configured correctly and is ready to protect your load. We double check any final connections, power up the system and hand it over to you in fully operational mode. This service also includes a run through of the Generator operating functions. 

When purchasing a new generator or re-locating an existing unit, you need to ensure that the generator equipment has been installed and is working correctly before being used by your organisation. Generator commissioning also helps ensure your extensive warranty on a new unit remains valid and our experienced engineers are available to help with your generator commissioning, making the whole process as smooth as possible.

What is generator commissioning?

Commissioning includes inspecting and testing the Generator solution including:

·         Visual & Mechanical Checks.

·         Cables & Electrical Connections.

·         Generator Start Up.

·         Instrumentation & Control.

·         Trips & Protective Functions.

At Adept Power Solutions, our professional commissioning services takes the pressure off your business so you can be confident that your diesel generator back up power supply will be inspected, tested and running in full operational mode, ready to be handed over to you.

The support doesn’t stop there, at APS we also offer emergency fuel fill services, diesel generator maintenance and generator servicing.