20th Anniversary

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Adept Power Solutions 20th Anniversary

As Adept Power Solutions turns 20, we revisit the successes and how we came to be a leading provider of uninterruptible power supplies.

Backup power solutions

At Adept Power Solutions, we offer end-to-end Uninterruptible Power Supply services, taking care of all your UPS needs from the initial site survey through to remote monitoring.

UPS Maintenance Checklist

UPS maintenance is essential to prevent potential losses to your business when you need to lean on your backup power solution. Find out how to keep your UPS in order with our handy UPS maintenance che

Face on view of yellow generator

Prevent generator low load operational damage and feel safe and supported with our Generator Servicing and Maintenance Services, tailored to your business and industry needs.

The Difference between Generators and UPS

We want you to feel confident in choosing the right UPS power supply for your business needs, which is why Adept Power Solutions are proud to offer the latest in UPS power supply technology.

Our UPS Partners

Adept Power Solutions is an independent UPS reseller, offering access to a wide range of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufacturers.

UPS Hire from Adept Power Solutions

Adept Power Solutions is one of the few UPS companies offering a UPS hire service. Find out more about the UPS solutions available for hire and how we can support your interim business needs.

Man inspecting equipment.

Adept Power Solutions is an industry renowned power protection specialist in the very latest in uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and diesel generator technology.

Christmas tree in shopping mall.

Although many businesses ‘close down’ for Christmas, UPS and diesel generators can keep critical systems running over the festive period, ensuring that work can continue even in the absence of staff.