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5 Best Practices for your UPS Battery in the New Year

With the New Year just around the corner, it is important to make sure you’re looking after your UPS (uninterruptible power supply) battery to maximise its performance and life expectancy.

Under recommended conditions, the forecasted lifespan of a UPS battery is 3 to 5 years – but are you aware of what these recommended conditions are?

Unit Placement

  • When installing a UPS, it is important to determine where to install the unit to provide the best power protection.
  • The unit should be installed in a temperature controlled environment similar to the intended application.
  • Ensure the ventilation opening at the front, side or rear of the unit is not blocked. 

Ambient Temperature

  •  Install your unit in a cool and dry place, as increased ambient temperature can affect battery life
  •  Keeping a UPS at a comfortable temperature is crucial for maximising its lifespan and capabilities.


  •  Maintenance free UPS batteries only means that they do not require any replacement fluid – therefore, understanding how to properly care for batteries is always essential.
  • You can inspect batteries for cleanliness and remove any dirt, dust, or debris. Batteries that are leaking or have excessive swelling should be properly disposed of and replaced.
  • Having a planned programme of UPS maintenance in place should always be considered as an essential part of any standby power protection system. 


  • One of the best ways to minimise the risk of downtime is to take care of the batteries that support your UPS.
  • Store replacement batteries properly.
  • Calibrate your batteries once or twice a year.
  • To ensure the load will be properly supported during power outages, especially during high load conditions, we recommend replacing the batteries every three years.

Use Energy Saving Devices

  • Power saving devices will extend the life of your UPS unit.
  • Devices with low power consumption will keep the temperature of your UPS under control, therefore extending your unit’s lifespan.

The batteries that last the longest, and provide the best performance, are those that are being provided with the best care and maintenance. Maximise the life expectancy of your battery by being proactive and aware of these best practices.


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