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Why You Need an External Bypass Switch for Your UPS

An external bypass switch is an essential piece of equipment that enables your UPS system to be electrically isolated for safe UPS maintenance or replacement. This ensures the safety and integrity of your business’s critical equipment and avoids unnecessary downtime.

At Adept Power Solutions, we manufacture our range of bypass switches in-house using the highest quality components, so you can be sure that your business is protected! 

How do Bypass Switches Work?

Even the most effective and well-maintained UPS system can occasionally fail, and an expertly crafted bypass switch will enable you to safely switch the load to the mains electricity supply when faced with an internal fault or failure. This means that your business can continue running smoothly while the appropriate steps are taken to resolve the UPS issue at hand.

UPS bypass switches are essential. Without a structure in place to isolate a UPS standby system for routine servicing, repair, or replacement, your business would have to power down the critical load – putting you at major risk for financial or data infringement.

Adept Power Bypass Switches

It is crucial that your UPS system and bypass switch work in harmony to ensure the safety of your data. Our experts design systems in-house, tailored specifically to your business’s requirements.

Our bypass switches are mountable for walls or racks as standard. They are available for plug and play UPS applications and single or three-phase UPS devices that have single or dual input power supplies.

We design these devices with you in mind, ensuring that the interface is user-friendly so problems can be rectified as easily as possible.

Features include top and bottom cable entry, pre-break auxiliary contacts, pad-lockable switch handles, and more. Discover the full feature list of the Adept Power bypass switches.

Adept Power will never leave you in the dark. In addition to custom-designed bypass switches, we offer a range of UPS maintenance cover services to regularly give your systems the health check they need to prolong their life. Discover our UPS maintenance services.

Protect Your Business with Adept Power

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