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Everything You Need to Know About the New APS Bypass Switches

Adept Power’s new range of bypass switches are manufactured in-house and constructed using the highest standard of components. The APS designed switches are available for single and three phase UPS systems with single or dual input power supplies.

Industry leading warranty

Our newly designed external maintenance bypass switches are now provided with an industry leading 5 year warranty, providing reliability and dependability exactly when you need it the most.

How does a bypass switch work?

Bypass switches allow a system to be isolated for maintenance or replacement without any disruption to the critical load, helping to avoid costly downtime. Click on the link for more information on understanding UPS bypass switches.

Did you know?

Bypass switches are an essential component to any UPS solution. Our manufactured in-house bypass switches can be retrofitted to your existing UPS system and ensure any future UPS issues can be resolved without any further interruption to your critical load.

Features of an APS external bypass include:

  •       High quality isolators.
  •       Top/bottom cable entry.
  •       Pre-break auxiliary contacts
  •       High Quality & Robust Traffolyte labelling
  •       Pad-lockable switch handles


Bypass panels can be customised and tailored to your specific requirements. They are an imperative component of any power protection solution. Bypass switches allow for removal, repair, maintenance, and also the service of your UPS without causing disruption. This means no downtime during crucial business hours.

In cases of high inrush or fault conditions, static bypass switches are used to bypass normal operation. Manual bypass switches are an added benefit to allow service and isolation for safety purposes.

One size doesn’t fit all

Adept Power offer a range of different Bypass switches, to learn more click the links below.


Talk to our Adept Power Solutions team today and see how bypass switches could revolutionise your UPS. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01264 351415.