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The Growing Need for Backup Power Supply in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Educational facilities, from both public and private schools to colleges and universities, all require effective backup power supply. Adept Power are here to ensure that downtime is prevented with bespoke education UPS solutions.

Power Outages are Detrimental to Teaching and Learning

Power cuts are extremely common in many sectors, including education. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how heavily institutions at all levels of education rely on technology for communication and learning. This has resulted in an increased dependence on computers and other electronic devices. Therefore, there is a much greater need for backup power supply within the education sector.

Power outages result in not only losing out on crucial lesson time but potential loss of important data as well. Whether it is in a school, college or university, backup power supply is essential in ensuring teaching can take place.

The Importance of a UPS System for Education

An education UPS solution can also help keep teachers and students safe, as this can help ensure that all electronic attendance systems, CCTV & security systems and even lights and such, are kept up and running during a mains failure. It is vital that the critical infrastructure in a school or university is supported with a dependable UPS system. 

In terms of IT equipment, there is the risk that important work and data could be lost. Now that many admissions and examinations are processed electronically, a loss in power could have a significant, long-lasting impact on a student’s education and future.

Having a reliable UPS for universities is of utmost importance, as many universities have specialist laboratories, dedicated to essential research. A loss of power, or even a slight fluctuation in power, could result in lost or damaged research findings and ultimately years of hard work. 

Finding the Best Education UPS Solution

Now the importance of having a backup power supply in the education sector has been demonstrated, you may be thinking about how to go about choosing the right UPS system for education. At Adept Power Solutions, we have a wealth of experience in providing the education sector with bespoke UPS solutions and UPS maintenance coverSpeak to an expert today to discover how we can help.