20th Anniversary

End of Life - Multi Sentry

The Riello Multi Sentry range of UPS, from 10-20kVA, has now officially been made ‘end of life’ by the manufacturer. This means that Riello UPS has ceased to produce these devices from new, however spare parts for maintenance and repair will still be made available for many years.

Please note: Multi Sentry products from 30kVA and above are still being manufactured and are a current product in Riello’s portfolio. 

As an authorised Riello Service Partner, Adept Power will continue to offer high-quality UPS maintenance servicing and any required remedials on these end of life products. We take a great deal of pride in providing a fantastic service and will continue to ensure that your Riello Multi Sentry 10-20kVA functions as designed and is as reliable as ever.

Why have Riello Phased out the 10-20kVA Multi Sentry Range?

Riello UPS is now introducing a new and improved UPS – the Sentryum. This product is the third generation of their transformerless online UPS systems. 

The Sentryum follows the success of the Multi Sentry range, taking key components of this product line and making improvements for a faster, better and stronger UPS device. 

Here at Adept Power we’re proud to provide the Riello Sentryum range in our extensive product catalogue. Find out more about the Riello UPS Sentryum range.

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