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Understanding the Importance of UPS Bypass Switches

Maintaining a UPS system and preventing damage caused by power loss is essential to any organisation where power is critical. Ensuring a fully charged battery is fundamental to the UPS role. However, there are other components to take into consideration, including installing a bypass switch. Bypass switches are sometimes considered non-essential to the UPS installation as the system will function without one, but let’s consider the benefits of having a bypass switch.


What is a Bypass Switch?

A bypass switch allows for isolation of UPS standby systems for routine servicing or removal without disrupting power, ensuring no down time. Without a bypass switch, IT systems would need to be powered down for the UPS to be removed and/or worked on, which may cause significant impact and disruption to the daily operation of your organisation.


Types of Bypass Switches

There are two types of bypass switches to be aware of; internal and external. Internal bypass switches are a component of an online UPS and allow for basic maintenance of the UPS. External wrap around maintenance bypass switches are added to the UPS installation and ensure the safe electrical isolation of the UPS and allows much more rigorous servicing & maintenance, repair and complete replacement – all without disrupting the load.

Essentially, a bypass switch provides the highest level of power protection, key when planning a UPS switch installation in organisations where maintaining power to critical systems, such as data centres and front line public services and is a fundamental requirement.


UPS Bypass Switches with Adept Power

Having a UPS system designed specifically for your organisation is imperative. At Adept Power our engineers design systems in-house which are fully customisable to your needs. Bypass switches are available for plug and play UPS applications as well as larger single and three phase installations. They can be provided as wall mount solutions and rack mount versions are also available.


To find out more about our high quality bypass switches and Adept Power’s services, email us at [email protected] or call us on 01264 351415 and one of the team will be happy to help you.