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What Maintenance Cover Do I Need?

When investing maintenance cover for your uninterruptable power supply (UPS), it can be tricky to know exactly what you are looking for. What type of support does your company need? What servicing requirement does your UPS need? How much will it cost? That’s where we come in.

Choose Your Cover

Adept Power provides packages to suit all needs and budgets.

Adept Power specialise in uninterruptible power supplies and we can help you review your company’s requirements and advise what type of cover will be best suited to your specific needs. We can help ensure that you save time, money and resources by improving the life cycle and reliability of your UPS asset/s.

Regular maintenance is fundamental to the efficient operation of UPS system, ensuring reliability when you need it most. Any UPS failure can cause significant damage to your business; causing downtime, costing you money and damaging your corporate reputation.

With this in mind, our experienced team is only ever a phone call away to help you with any problems that may occur. With over 150 years+ of technical experience in our service team, we have the expertise to cope with all types of UPS maintenance requirements.

Our maintenance packages give you different options to ensure you always have Adept Power at your side, ready to rectify any problems as quickly as possible. Whether that’s 24-hour telephone support or 4 hours emergency response.

Silver Maintenance Cover

Adept Power Silver UPS Maintenance Cover provides emergency cover 24/7/365 with next day response. 

Gold Maintenance Cover

Gold cover upgrades your emergency response time from 'Next Working Day' to just 8 hours, regardless of the day or time. 

Platinum Maintenance Cover

Platinum cover upgrades your emergency response time from '8 hours' to just 4 hours, regardless of the day or time. 

Optional 'Plus' Call Out Cover Inclusive

Upgrading your UPS maintenance contract to 'plus' cover enables all emergency call outs for the year to be provided all inclusive!

Adept Power, there for you

We fully understand that different customers have different maintenance needs. Our team are able to discuss the maintenance required for your business, ensuring you receive a cost effective and fully optimised UPS maintenance contract that suits your needs.  

To discuss your UPS maintenance needs, get in touch with a member of our skilled staff on 01264 351 415 or email us at [email protected].