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Powering the Retail Sector with an Effective UPS Solution

Protect your business with a dependable retail UPS system from Adept Power Solutions.

Whether it’s an independent store or a large supermarket chain, retailers heavily rely on technology to keep their doors open, serve customers and drive sales. Without a UPS system, retailers are extremely vulnerable to power cuts and power surges which can have a detrimental impact on the business. In short, uninterruptible power supplies are critical to the success of retail businesses.

The Effects of a Power Cut in the Retail Industry

1) Lost Revenue

Retailers depend on registers, scanners, scales, receipt printers and debit/credit card terminals to make sales. Without power, this EPOS equipment comes to an abrupt halt, taking the sales with them.

2) Lost Customers

A customer comes to the till with a trolley full of products, but the cashier can’t process the payment because the system is down. It’s very likely that the customer will leave without buying anything and may be put off from coming back.

3) Lost Data

Whether it’s EPOS software or inventory and stock management systems, nowadays, retail is largely controlled by digital systems. A loss of power may damage hard drive data, sales records and cause other important information to become inaccessible. Without backup power, such data may be irretrievably lost.

The Importance of UPS for Retailers

The best way to protect your business against power supply failures is by investing in an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). Effective power protection is an extremely worthwhile investment for even small businesses, especially when compared with the potential costs associated with loss of power. A reliable and robust retail UPS system will support your EPOS equipment, protecting your store against missed sales opportunities and unhappy customers.

UPS Maintenance for Retailers

It is worth noting, however, that a UPS system is only as effective as your maintenance regime. That’s why with Adept Power, we offer comprehensive UPS maintenance cover based on your specific requirements, ensuring you receive a cost-effective and fully optimised UPS maintenance contract that suits your needs. All our service packages offer 24-hour technical support and annual servicing, so you can rest assured that you have a team of experts ready to resolve any issues at any time. 

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