20 Years

So your business has a UPS what's next?

 Could your business continue functioning if the power were to fail? A single hour of downtime can cost businesses on average between £800 - £8500! 

A loss of power does not only affect equipment and IT but it can have knock-on effects to many other areas of your businesses such as lack or no customer communication, loss of unsaved data on PC’s and no access to e-commerce websites. 

Make sure your business has a power strategy in place

Whilst most IT equipment is covered by a UPS system, a standby power strategy would be highly recommended, as a part of your business programme. Incorporating a long-term backup UPS power solution from a generator will cover all of your future power needs - resulting in uninterrupted businesses in an event of a power failure.

Our specialist team at Adept Power can advise your business on the most suitable and effective long term power solution for either you standby (offline) UPS, Line interactive UPS or Double conversion (online) UPS. We can supply your business with a comprehensive range of diesel generators either as standalone systems or as part of a larger power continuity program.

Don’t fail your UPS system

With the addition of a long-term power supply, your UPS system will need to be serviced regularly to ensure that the machine is operating correctly and batteries are in working order.  Expensive and critical equipment must be protected from power failure and quality issues – the short-term protection is necessary to avoiding damage to your equipment. Find out more about our maintenance and services plans here to suit your requirements.  

Let us help!

Protecting your business with a standby power strategy costs less that you might think. We can help ! Our expert team can advise your company for the best solutions for your Uninterruptible Power Supply and a plan for effective long-term power solutions.

 A diesel generator working in harmony with your UPS will extend the backup power time on essential communication and network systems and provide you with the ultimate in risk reduction.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your diesel generator requirements we are confident that our professional solutions will ensure you receive the appropriate support for your critical business activities.