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The Difference between Generators and UPS

Adept Power Solutions offers excellent options for both UPS systems and diesel generators, providing high quality back-up power solutions to ensure our clients have the latest in uninterruptible power supply technology. We know how tricky it can be when choosing a Power Continuation Solution that can put your mind at ease, which is why we are giving you a quick summary of the benefits of both generators and UPS.

What is a Generator and a UPS?

Before we proceed, it’s important to understand the differences between Diesel Generators and UPS systems, what they do, and how Adept Power Solutions can offer you a solution for your back up power supply needs, no matter what they are. 

A diesel generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy (produced by an in-built combustion engine) into electrical energy and can provide a source of standby power when the power supply fails. However, start-up can take from 5 to 25 seconds before they can supply their rated output power, so they are typically used initially for less critical systems such as air-conditioning, and more general power requirements that are not impacted by short power losses. 

A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is an electrical device with batteries, that provides emergency power to a load when the mains power fails, experiences a blackout, brownouts, surges, voltage sags, or other electrical power supply issues. A standalone UPS is used to protect critical systems or equipment that could be damaged by sudden power interruptions or outages but can be seen as a short-term power solution during a mains failure due to the back-up runtime limitations of the batteries.

 However, a UPS can use its battery power to cover the generator start-up period to maintain power to critical loads. A UPS and Generator working in tandem is the gold standard of power protection to ensure continuous and perfect power to your equipment.

Why choose a Generator?

Our range of diesel generators are often used as back-up power for all sorts of organisations, such as hospitals, banks, factories, and data centres. This is because diesel generators offer a vital backup power supply that can potentially last indefinitely (assuming access to fuel supply), so both small and large businesses choose them for their back up power needs. 

Whether your diesel generator needs are simple or complex, we provide excellent reliability and quality by only supplying diesel generator engines from Tier 1 manufacturers. Adept Power Solutions also takes care of all your generator maintenance to ensure long lasting performance with our range or services conducted by our qualified engineers.

Why choose a UPS?

A UPS can be divided into a range of uninterruptible power supply technologies such as Offline, Online Double Conversion, and Line Interactive UPS. They all offer automatic or instant battery backup to continuously protect your critical IT systems and/or electrical equipment from being interrupted by any unexpected power outages, power problems and mains failures.

The battery backup gives you time to power down sensitive equipment, servers without loss of data and they minimise the dangers that a hard shutdown can cause for your electronic equipment. 

It is important to determine your electrical load and your required runtime when considering the specification of a UPS and to provide peace of mind for optimum standby power protection systems, then you can find out more about our UPS Maintenance services here.

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