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Understanding the Importance of the UPS Environment

Installing a UPS is a reliable and efficient way for businesses to protect critical infrastructure such as; telecommunication systems, networks, services, equipment and processes from poor quality power supply and power outages.

When planning a new UPS system, most businesses will initially consider the financial outlay and product specifications, such as efficiency, reliability, battery type and power. However, it’s crucial to have a more holistic view of the investment and consider how the environment in which the UPS is to be installed can affect the efficiency. To maximise the longevity, along with planned maintenance you should also evaluate environmental factors:

  •       Temperature
  •       Dust
  •       Humidity
  •       Coastal location 

Here we will break down the key factors to understanding the importance of the UPS environment.


In temperatures between 20-25°C, most UPS models operate without serious effect on longevity. Batteries are more sensitive to changes in temperatures, anything over 20°C can have a negative impact on the lifetime of the battery, although the short-term performance will increase. At lower temperatures, the lifespan increases, however the performance decreases. A UPS room temperature of 30°C could decrease the life cycle of a battery by a massive 66%. This would mean that a battery with a 5-year lifespan would be reduced to just 1.5 years, significantly increasing battery costs.


Where high temperatures are present, it’s common to also have humidity to deal with. If moisture gets into the UPS this can cause serious damage, corroding the elements or even causing a fire. A maximum relative humidity of less than 95% is safe for most UPS systems, however all UPS will have specific ideal environments. Our team of trained engineers at Adept Power Solutions will conduct a site survey to assess the environment and your needs as a business, advising which UPS system is most suitable.


Most people are familiar with the quiet humming of the fans in computers to keep them cool and how important it is that the fans as maintained, ensuring they are dust free and well ventilated. UPS systems work in the same way and need adequate ventilation to allow them to cool. Planned maintenance and regular cleaning is needed to clear any build-up of dust and any other materials that could cause a blockage or for the UPS to overheat.

Sea air 

For businesses located near the coast, it’s important to consider the distance between the UPS location and the sea. It may not be an obvious element to factor in, but fans draw in salty sea air which can corrode the printed circuit board (PCBs).

If your business could benefit from a UPS system refresh and has a poor UPS environment, get in touch with Adept Power Solutions. We offer free consultancy for new hard-wired UPS installations to ensure our professional recommendations matches your requirements and expectations. Our highly trained engineers work closely with you to ensure we have full understanding of the environment the UPS will be located and the needs of the business.

To book your free site survey and to discuss your UPS needs, get in touch with a member of our skilled team on 01264 351 415 or you can email us at [email protected].