20 Years

UPS for the IT and Networking Sector

Adept Power Solutions is one of the most respected providers of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) maintenance and services and Generator solutions in the Power Protection Industry. We have designed a wide range of flexible uninterruptible power supply maintenance programmes and are also an APC Select Partner.

Our expertise in backup power supply is recognised across multiple sectors, and by allocating specific resources and skills to each of these areas we can ensure excellent service to all our clients.

A Dedicated Service for the IT Sector

The IT sector has a wide range of UPS requirements and UPS solutions are needed to cover, home office, comms rooms, server rooms all the way to large data centres. The right UPS backup power supply should be identified for each application to ensure adequate back up and power supply retention should there be a power failure.

When you come to Adept Power Solutions, we will work collaboratively with you to determine your requirements. We carry out an in-depth consultation, potentially with site surveys and risk analysis to provide an accurate brief for our teams on site. This allows us to devise the correct UPS for you.

We are an independent business, and therefore fully equipped to offer impartial advice. Products at Adept Power Solutions are selected from leading manufacturers and packages are made bespoke, meaning you will get the right UPS to address your specific needs.

Protecting our UPS Clients

Adept Power Solutions offers a wide range of UPS products, maintenance, and services, utilising the latest technology to ensure your critical power is protected. Our clients come to us because our products are dependable, secure and save on energy and operating costs. We are known for our exceptional customer service, as well as for being flexible in our approach. We also have Modular UPS offerings that are scalable and adaptive to change, offering additional redundancy and futureproofing for our clients needs.

Ultimately, protecting our clients’ critical power loads and avoiding unplanned business downtime is our primary goal. With our leading UPS technologies, we provide an unrivalled solution compared to any other in the market. Whether the issue is with an individual’s PC from a home office, or it relates to a large server network for comms rooms, data centre facilities or critical infrastructures in areas like hospitals, we can find the right UPS for you.

Our Approach

At Adept Power Solutions we offer our clients a dedicated account manager to help resolve your issues. We have strong relationships with some of the leading UPS & battery manufacturers enabling a fast response to problems our clients might encounter, allowing us to quickly repair or replace depending on what is necessary, and always aim for next day delivery where possible.

Our customers come back to us time and time again.

Speak to Adept Power Solutions today for all of your UPS and backup power supply queries.