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UPS Load Bank Testing: Providing Proof of Concept in a Controlled Environment

Upgrading your power protection infrastructure? Learn how you can safely test if your proposed solution can handle your required load.

What is UPS Load Bank Testing?

UPS Load Bank Testing involves submitting a resistive load to your UPS and battery system to either give you confidence in your power protection infrastructure, or to help identify issues. 

Since your UPS is essential to business continuity in the event of a power outage, such an important project could not be completed simply by procuring the first UPS you come across.

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Benefits of UPS Load Bank Testing

Skipping a test could result in your UPS failing when you need it most. UPS Load Bank Testing can highlight a potential problem in safe conditions, allowing corrective measures to be taken promptly.

There are some warnings to come with inviting Load Banks into your place of business. APS can arrange the testing to commence outside of normal working hours to minimise disruption from the Load Banks’ loud fans and provide dissipation of the heat expelled from the machine.

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