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UPS: Providing Reliable Support for Lifts and Stairlifts

Power outages usually happen unexpectedly and can pose a significant risk for those who rely on lifts or stairlifts for mobility. It’s essential to ensure you have a reliable backup power supply in place for continued safety and comfort. Adept Power Solutions provides advice and support on how to mitigate risks.

Uninterruptible Power Supply for Lifts

Uninterruptible power supplies simply do what they say on the tin. Where the main power source fails, they provide a consistent stream of power. In the event of an emergency this allows time to get lift and stairlift users to safety.

Unsurprisingly, lifts and stairlifts require a considerable amount of energy to operate and as such, in the event of a power outage pose a risk and can be the cause of further issues in potentially trapping users. It’s imperative for a backup power supply to be utilised for the continued function to help prevent the risk of injury or harm to those who require them for access.

How to Choose the Right UPS for Your Lift of Stairlift 

When choosing an uninterruptible power supply for your lift or stairlift, consider the power requirements of your equipment and the capacity you require from a UPS. Adept Power Solutions provide free consultancy and UPS site surveys to ensure our professional recommendation matches all your requirements. So, if you’re not sure where to start, don’t hesitate and reach out.

There are a few things worth considering when looking to implement a UPS system for your lift or stair lift. Take a look at some of our top considerations outlined below. 

Top Considerations for Your UPS

  • How many devices do you require your UPS to cover?
  • The total cost of ownership
  • Power draw requirements of the backup power supply
  • Realistic usage cycles expected of the UPS to operate the lift during an outage

Recommended Products:

·      Riello Sentryum 15kVA Active 3/3 Phase UPS S2 

·      Riello Sentryum 20kVA Active 1/1 or 3/1 Phase UPS T4 

·      Riello Sentryum 10kVA XTEND 1/1 OR 3/1 Phase UPS T5 

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