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Why Investing in a UPS Solution Supports Business Growth

Living in the UK we often take a reliable power supply for granted in our daily life, however, power quality issues occur on a regular basis and for any UK based organisation, these problems can have serious implications. A power outage can result in loss of crucial data, interrupt the daily operations of a business and cause significant financial losses. This is why investing in an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is a crucial requirement in order to minimise risk and major disruptions but also to support long-term business growth.

This type of expansion can, of course, depend on many factors but having both a reliable and future-proofed UPS solution in place is a vital part of any organisations fundamental foundations to help support growth and achieve strategic goals. 

Assess your current UPS solution

A common misconception is that a UPS is something that only perhaps larger organisations should consider. However, if your company relies on electrical power to run critical systems or if a temporary loss of mains power would jeopardise your operations, then it’s time to plan for a UPS solution.

Even if you have already made the sensible decision to invest in UPS technologies, is it still a suitable solution for your business? Can it still protect all your critical equipment or was it designed in the past when your business was smaller?

Due to tight budgets and limited space, UPS solutions often only allow for protecting the existing electrical load at the time of the project, which makes allowing for future expansion difficult. As your business grows, so does the demand for electrical power, leading to the original UPS system being fully loaded and/or with some critical equipment powered from the raw mains supply with no battery back-up. Hence, the UPS may not be protecting all the critical equipment in your building, meaning your organisation is vulnerable to disruption, loss of data, loss of revenue and damage to its reputation. 

Planning future needs

Hence, sizing a UPS solution must take into account the potential for business growth and the additional electrical demand this will undoubtedly create in the future. By doing so this will ensure foreseeable issues are kept to a minimum and allow an organisation to potentially achieve a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Fortunately, allowing for future growth doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing a large UPS on day one, as this is often not feasible within real-world budget constraints. Instead, another option is to install a more flexible modular UPS system which can grow in harmony with the organisation. This type of UPS can be built upon to suit your business’ needs as your organisation grows and allows you to spread the overall cost of the investment. For example, it’s a more practical proposition for a business experiencing rapid growth to simply add 50kW modules to their UPS as required, rather than trying to accommodate and budget for an unknown future capacity from the outset or even worse, justifying which critical systems must continue to operate unsupported.

Bespoke solutions

Does your business have a suitable UPS solution to support your business as it grows? At Adept Power Solutions, we can help you not only plan for protection now, but for the future too! Get in touch with our friendly team by calling us on 01264 351415 or email us at [email protected].