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Avoid Emergencies with UPS Systems for Medical Applications from Adept Power

From hospitals to care homes, health care facilities rely on a constant power supply to protect their complex infrastructures. Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the medical sector is critical and the consequences of a system shutdown, even for a second, can be devastating for patients, devices and data.

Adept Power offer an effective way to protect healthcare organisations through a medical UPS system delivering continuous and reliable power.

Risks and Issues with Loss of Power in Healthcare Settings

The loss of power, and with no UPS battery to help bridge the gap, can literally mean the difference between life and death.

In hospitals, patients depend on the functionality of machines to perform essential tasks, whether that be a ventilator, a heart rate monitor, an MRI or anaesthesia machine. Without a medical UPS system, a hospital is unable to run its essential duties. 

Staff suffer due to a loss of power as they can’t read or update patient notes, communicate with other departments or even access some essential areas of the hospital that have restricted access controlled by electronics, like drug storage. From essential IT networks at your local surgery to electric lifting devices helping care home patients, today’s medical industry is increasingly dependent on continuous and reliable power. 

A lapse in power can also cause issues with security systems, damage to equipment, emergency lighting, exit signs and internal transportation. No matter how temporary, any interruption impacts the performance of the entire facility.

Importance of UPS for the Medical Sector

A UPS for the medical sector is vital to prevent the loss of critical patient data, mitigate damage to machines and networks and enable healthcare facilities to function effectively.

In many cases, costly and outdated back-up generators are used rather than a centralised medical UPS system. A UPS for the medical sector can improve the reliability and efficiency of an electrical system, reduce ongoing maintenance costs as well as simplifying building operations. The space saved by individual units could be better utilised for staff or patients as well.

Let Adept Power Solutions Help You With Your Medical UPS System

Uninterruptible power supplies for hospitals and healthcare settings are vital so that the several seconds a backup generator can take to supply power does not disrupt or damage patient healthcare. Adept Power are experts with years of experience in providing bespoke UPS for the medical sector. Speak to one of our knowledgeable team to discover the best UPS solution for you.