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What Size UPS Do You Need for a CCTV System?

Installing a CCTV system is a crucial part of any business’ security system and requires a constant supply of power to function effectively. This is why it is so important to have the best UPS for your CCTV system. One of the most asked questions, however, is what size of UPS do you need for a CCTV system?

The Importance of Installing a UPS for CCTV Systems

Without a reliable UPS system installed, a mains failure or power outage would result in a loss of power to the CCTV system causing the cameras to stop working. Installing a UPS for a CCTV system adds resilience to the CCTV equipment by providing dependable and clean power, blocking surges and keeping the electricity stable during a mains power failure or a power spike. This, therefore, ensures that the cameras are operating 24/7 and providing safety to the business.

Determining the Size of UPS for a CCTV System

To figure out what size UPS you’ll need for a CCTV system, you’ll first need work out the total wattage requirement for all your connected equipment, including cameras and network video recorder.

To account for growth in your installation, choose a UPS with a larger output watt capacity than your total requirement. Decide the amount of growth you want to accommodate for, then multiply your wattage accordingly.

Once you’ve determined your system’s wattage requirement and accounted for growth, it’s time to consider the UPS runtime. It is important to select a UPS with a high enough battery capacity to support your desired runtime for the calculated load.

In most circumstances, 15 to 20 minutes of runtime will allow your system to operate long enough to record incriminating evidence. Typically, a 1500va unit provides approximately 18 - 24 mins on a 4-camera system and 8 - 18 mins on an 8-camera system.

If you are looking for longer times than this, or if you need to power a 16-camera system, a 1500va unit is recommended for the surveillance DVR alone. This provides up to about 45 minutes of runtime, with an 800va unit per 4 cameras, or a 1500va unit per 8 cameras.

Choosing the Best UPS for CCTV Systems

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