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Your Essential UPS Maintenance Checklist

To get the most out of your uninterruptible power supply, there are essential regular checks and tests that should be completed throughout the year. Adept Power Solutions run through the key milestones to keep your UPS on track for optimum performance and to prevent potential losses in a power outage. 

In some cases, basic visual checks can be completed by in-house staff however, more complex, and service-related testing and checks should be carried out by a trained technician which is where Adept Power Solutions can help. With a range of UPS Maintenance packages, we can cater to your needs regardless of the size of your project. With platinum, gold, and silver maintenance cover and an optional ‘plus’ cover for emergency call outs, Adept Power Solutions provide a proactive approach giving you confidence in your system infrastructure.

Annual UPS Checks (Single Phase) & Semi-Annual UPS Checks (3 Phase)

  •       Cleaning of UPS including fans.
  •       Mechanical condition check.
  •       Check of physical / electrical connections between battery cells.
  •       Functional test of all UPS assemblies such as rectifiers, inverters, static switches, and manual bypass.
  •       Check of UPS output and load distribution across phase(s).
  •       Functional check of UPS monitoring and indication devices.
  •       Test of UPS system by simulating mains failure (if possible). 

 Additional UPS & Battery Service Options

  •       Semi-annual or quarterly UPS service visits
  •       Emergency call out ‘Inclusive’ cover.
  •       Battery impedance testing.
  •       Annual load bank testing.
  •       Out of hours service visits.

Let us Do the Leg Work

Get in touch with Adept Power Solutions today for expert advice on UPS maintenance cover to suit you and your business needs. We also offer remote monitoring for your UPS giving you peace of mind that any faults are automatically detected to minimise business impacts should you require your backup power.