20 Years

Quality Policy

It is the objective of the Company and its employees to ensure that all goods and services supplied are of the highest quality, consistent with commercial viability, meeting our Customers’ requirements and expectations, whilst fulfilling all applicable regulatory requirements.

“We never compromise on Quality”

We aim to become and remain an established supplier of ‘Quality products and services’ by developing and implementing controlled processes and making continual improvements to our operational responsiveness.   We will comply with all current Health, Safety and Environmental legislation while developing employee skills and increasing their contributions through effective training.

We will develop supplier relationships to obtain defect-free materials every time and create an environment which increases awareness, motivation and involvement of staff.   We will comply with the requirements of our Quality Management System and undertake periodic reviews in order to continually improve its effectiveness and confirm the suitability of our Quality Policy.

To support this we operate a formal Quality Management and control system that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015.   We are committed to providing quality, choice and value for money in the products and services we deliver to our customers by establishing and communicating meaningful Quality Objectives and performance targets to all staff and monitoring them, these are consistent with our Quality Policy.

Consequently all staff are involved, must be committed, participate in this concept and practice professionalism and system compliance at all times.   This should be fundamental in all work undertaken.   It is the responsibility of all staff to work in a manner consistent with this policy and their understanding of this will be subject to periodic review.

Iain Mackay - Managing Director

(Integrated Management System   -   APS 102 Quality Policy)