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Riello Multi Power Modular UPS

Part No. MPX
Riello Multi Power 1
Riello Multi Power 2
Riello Multi Power 3
Riello Multi Power 4
Riello Multi Power 5
Riello Multi Power 5

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The Riello Multi Power is an award-winning modular solution. This set up allows for high efficiency, maximum availability, and ‘pay as you grow’ scalability in a space-saving footprint, perfect for any sector. Choose from 15-25-42 kW modules and a range of cabinets. 

Unparalleled Scalability

With a ‘pay as you grow’ model, you can add to your existing UPS as and when required by adding extra power modules. That’s 15-60 kW, 25-100 kW, or 42-252 kW power plus redundancy in a single chassis. Parallel up to 4 cabinets and you can easily scale up to:

  • 15-240 kW + redundancy (MPX 15 kW modules)
  • 25-400 kW + redundancy (MPX 25 kW modules)
  • 42-1008 kW + redundancy (MPW 42 kW modules)

Superior Protection

With exceptional efficiency - 96.5% in ONLINE mode and with unmatched power density, the Riello Multi Power range is manufactured with specially-designed, custom-made components that deliver full-rated (pf 1) unity power.

Downtime-Free Maintenance Guaranteed

Each power module and battery unit is hot-swappable and easily accessible from the front of your UPS. A simple but highly effective design allowing engineers to service, maintain, and even swap-out individual modules without powering the system down so you're never without your UPS. 

  • Exceptional efficiency (up to 96.5%)
  • Unmatched power density (466 kW per m²) in a compact footprint
  • Hot-swappable modules that ensure no downtime during maintenance
  • Intuitive 7-inch LCD touchscreen display
  • Advanced communications options
  • A choice of power modules – 15 kW or 25 kW in 2U height (MPW) or the standard 42 kW (MPX)
  • Space-saving combination cabinets housing both power modules and battery units 
  • “Pay as you grow” by adding extra power modules (15-60 kW, 25-100 kW, or 42-252 kW power plus redundancy in a single chassis)
  • Parallel up to 4 cabinets together and you can easily scale up power to:
    • (MPX 15 kW modules): 15-240 kW N+1
    • (MPX 25 kW modules) 25-400 kW N+1
    • (MPW 42 kW modules): 42-1008 kW N+1
  • Hot system expansion ensures there’s no downtime 
  • Outstanding Protection
    • includes a three-level inverter and IGBT rectifier that delivers full-rated (pf 1) unity power
  • All components perform even at high temperatures of 40 °C
  • Each power module features 3 microprocessors
  • Power cabinets have 2 microprocessors
  • High Efficiency At All Load Levels - 96.5% efficiency in ON LINE double conversion mode.
  • Energy Saving Mode, it’s capable of high efficiency (95%+) even at loads as low as 20-25%
  • Eligible for Energy Technology List (ETL), allowing you to offset the capital costs against your taxable profits
  • Downtime-Free Maintenance Guaranteed
Power Range 45 - 294 kVA
Weight 145 - 350kg
Input Phases 3
Output Phases 3