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Riello Sentryum 10kVA Xtend 1/1 or 3/1 Phase UPS T5

Part No. S3M/10/XTD/T5
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The Sentryum range is Riello UPS's third generation of transformerless online Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems. Produced as an upgrade to the popular Riello Multi Sentry UPS, the Sentryum delivers key improvements including USB, RS232, and  RJ10 ports, as well as a variety of communication card slots.

The Riello Sentryum 10kVA Xtend T5 UPS with no internal batteries provides full-rated power, with exceptional operating efficiency up to 96.5% in online double conversion loads as low as 50%.  

This product is capable of 44 minutes runtime at full load.

Available as a single-phase or three-phase input, single-phase output UPS (selectable at the time of installation), this product has a unique control system that reduces harmonic voltage distortion (<1% at resistive load and <1.5% at non-linear load) and provides enhanced overload and short circuit capacity to guarantee maximum availability.  

The 5-inch colour touchscreen display highlights UPS measurements and statuses, and the intuitive LED status indicator automatically changes colour based on the current UPS operating state. 

This product is scalable up to 8x UPS in parallel to increase capacity or build redundancy.

  • No Internal Batteries
  • Single or Three Phase Input
  • Single Phase Output
  • 5-inch Colour Touchscreen
  • Led Status Indicator
Manufacturer Riello UPS
Power (VA) 10k
Input Phase Single or Three
Output Single
Weight (Kgs) 412
Depth (mm) 840
Width (mm) 440
Height (mm) 1320