20 Years


Delivering critical backup power solutions for a wide range of industries

As industry-leading power protection specialists, Adept Power Solutions provides business-critical backup power solutions for a variety of sectors.

For many industries, a loss of power can result in detrimental consequences. Whether it's for a school, hospital or supermarket, Adept Power is here to ensure that downtime is prevented with bespoke UPS solutions. We offer an extensive range of backup power solutions for all sizes of organisations in the UK. Our team of experienced engineers offer a comprehensive service, including UPS Maintenance and Installation Services.  


ups for facilities management

Many of today's facilities must be operational 24/7/365, which means that facilities managers must be equipped with reliable and robust backup power solutions.

UPS for IT

UPS systems for IT & Telecomms are crucial to protect against mains failures, power surges, outages, and sags that could damage sensitive hardware.

UPS for electrical contractors

Protect your customers with Adept Power Solutions advanced UPS solutions. If your customer’s power fails, business suffers. Prevention is key.

UPS for data centres

Adept Power Solutions can provide an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to keep your data centre continually on the go.

UPS for retail

From independent stores to large supermarket chains, retailers are extremely susceptible to power cuts and power surges, which can have a detrimental impact on business.

ups for education

Adept Power Solutions are here to ensure that educational facilities are protected from the detrimental consequences of downtime with bespoke education UPS solutions.

ups for cctv

The security sector is a crucial element in keeping businesses safe, therefore it is essential that they are protected with security UPS solutions.

medical UPS

A UPS for the medical sector is vital to prevent the loss of critical patient data, mitigate damage to machines and networks and enable healthcare facilities to function effectively.