20 Years

UPS for the Education Sector

Adept Power Solutions are here to help ensure that educational facilities are protected from the damaging consequences of downtime, with bespoke education UPS solutions. 

All educational facilities require robust, reliable power protection. Whether it's a nursery or a university, a loss of power in an educational establishment can be detrimental. Power outages result in not only losing out on crucial lesson time but the potential loss of crucial data as well. Whether it is in a school, college or university, a backup power supply is essential in ensuring teaching can take place.

Choosing the Best UPS For Education

To ensure that your educational facility is protected from power outages and surges, investing in an effective and robust uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is the best solution. An education UPS system is so important in ensuring that the facility can remain operational and keep students, teachers and other staff safe. Here at Adept Power Solutions, we understand that navigating the world of power protection can be daunting, especially if you're unsure of the specific requirements of your facility. We provide comprehensive and reliably backup power, tailored to you and which aligns with your specific needs and budget. Should you need the option of scalability, we also have options to support this potential growth. 

Let Adept Power Help

Adept Power offer a tailored approach to finding the best UPS for education, so even if you are unsure what you need, we are here to help. We have over 150 years of experience in our technical team and in-house engineers, so we are well equipped to provide the education sector with bespoke UPS solutions and UPS maintenance cover

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