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UPS for the Medical Sector

Adept Power Solutions specialise in providing the right UPS system for medical applications.

In the healthcare industry, where hospitals, care homes and other varying medical facilities reply heavily on a consistent and uninterrupted power supply, the importance of a high-quality, reliable UPS cannot be overstated. From hospitals to care homes, health care facilities rely on a constant power supply to protect their complex infrastructures. The loss of power, and with no UPS battery to help bridge the gap, can literally mean the difference between life and death. A UPS for the medical sector is vital to prevent the loss of critical patient data, mitigate damage to machines and networks and enable healthcare facilities to function effectively. 

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Reliable Power Protection

Adept Power has a wealth of experience in providing reliable UPS systems for medical applications across the UK, from clinical commissioning groups and health boards, to emergency services and private healthcare providers. One of the main benefits of utilising a UPS for the medical sector is its ability to safeguard critical patient data and provide vital power to equipment keeping patients stable. A UPS acts as a barrier to ensure that sensitive and complex medical equipment and networks found within healthcare facilities are not damaged during power outages and fluctuations. 

We also provide effective UPS maintenance cover, so you can rest assured that your UPS will be properly serviced and maintained. With 24-hour telephone support, you get the peace of mind of knowing that an expert UPS engineer is just a phone call away.

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Here at Adept Power Solutions, we understand the unique power protection requirements of the medical sector. We hold a wealth of knowledge and experience which has allowed us to cater to various healthcare facilities throughout the UK to provide reliable, efficient and specifically tailored equipment and services to the demanding requirements of the healthcare industry.

If you're not sure what UPS or what UPS maintenance cover you need, don't worry - our helpful, knowledgeable team are here to help. Our expert team can work with you to tailor bespoke medical UPS systems that meet your specific requirements. Get in touch today.