20 Years


At Adept Power Solutions, we pride ourselves on taking steps towards a greener future and to building sustainable business practices. Each change takes us one step closer to reducing our carbon footprint and we're happy to share the ways we're trying to help the environment. 

Our company target is to reduce our average fleet CO2 emissions to below 80 grams per kilometer by 2025 and to have all company cars and commercial vehicles be fully electric or plug-in hybrids. We're happy to announce that we are currently ahead of target and we're taking further steps to help in our mission.  

We're Going Green

In 2021 we took the first step towards a sustainable future by investing in greener vehicles. We added our first fully-electric vehicle to our fleet and since then, we have taken delivery of another plug-in hybrid car for our engineers, and we have also invested in 3 more electric vehicles (plug-in hybrid or fully electrical vehicles) which are on order: a fully electric Polestar 3, a Hybrid Volvo and a Hybrid Skoda Estate.

We are currently on track for our entire fleet of company cars to be plug-in hybrid of fully electric by the end of 2023 putting us 2 years ahead of target. 

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Adept Power Solutions are official members of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup. We are proud to be offering a financial contribution to help support healthy oceans, but we will also be making a physical contribution to clean up a local beach this summer. Our team and their families are committing to help protect our oceans. Keep your eyes peeled for some updates. 

Let's Talk

If you'd like to hear more about the ways in which Adept Power Solutions are taking steps towards a more sustainable future then please get in touch.