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Generator Load Bank Testing

Generator Load Bank Testing

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Adept Power Solutions recommends regular Load Bank Testing of your Generator system and this test can be provided during your Generator service or as standalone visit. A load bank provides a resistive load to your Generator system providing proof of concept of your power protection infrastructure in a controlled environment. 

It is best practice for organisations with critical loads to conduct monthly generator tests, and doing such tests under load conditions provides you with the knowledge that the generator infrastructure is working as designed. It also helps to identify any potential issues with generator performance in a safe and controlled environment.

Unfortunately, light-loading conditions on standard load mains tests may not permit engine fluids to attain proper operating temperatures and cooling system controls may not be properly exercised. Light-loading can also cause fuel deposits to collect within the engine components reducing engine output capacity. These issues result in what is often called 'wet stacking' or slobbering'. A load bank test will help to eliminate these problems.

We would recommended the load bank test to run for approximately 2 - 3 hours and as an additional safety measure, it can be conducted outside of normal working hours to minimise risk.

Additional Modular Generator Maintenance options:

  • Additional service visits.
  • Out of hours service visits.
  • Remote Monitoring.