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UPS Battery Monitoring by PowerShield

PowerShield UPS Battery Monitoring

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Adept Power Solutions are proud to work with PowerShield Europe Ltd to provide UPS battery monitoring systems that ensure mission-critical power for data centres and commercial operations. PowerShield battery management systems use a modular approach to combine accuracy and safety with ease of installation.

If you’re operating mission-critical systems and depending on the power protection of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), then it is recommended that you have a battery monitoring and management system. UPS Battery Monitoring provides 24x7 visibility into your backup power infrastructure. With Adept Power and Powershield, you can ensure maximum uptime while getting the most out of your UPS battery investment.

Experts in the battery monitoring industry, PowerShield specialises in the design, manufacture, installation and operation of advanced battery monitoring systems for organisations with critical services that rely on continuous power. In collaboration with PowerShield, we can provide effective battery management tools to allow you to understand exactly what is happening with your UPS battery systems.

The continuous data sampling, reporting and battery management capability of PowerShield systems deliver cost-effective results, peace of mind and, most importantly, ensures that you have capable, dependable batteries that perform when needed. Many industries rely on this assurance, including data centres, emergency services, facilities management, security and so on.

If you are looking for a battery monitoring system that provides accuracy, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, Adept Power has the solution for you. 

We also offer a wealth of battery and UPS maintenance and services to help prolong the life of your existing power protection systems.