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Protecting Data Centres from Power Failure


Data centres are a fundamental asset to organisations around the globe in various sectors. In many instances, a UPS is integrated into the electrical distribution circuit board during the initial design and installation of a data centre build. As with all IT systems, regular maintenance is needed to ensure the smooth running of the equipment. This is of huge significance where there is a potential risk of data and revenue loss, reduced business operations or damage to the mission-critical data centre hardware, because of power loss to a data centre.


What are the benefits of installing a UPS?

Although backup power diesel generators can supply periods of extended outage, they aren’t a suitable solution to protect data centres from power spikes and brief power loss which can come and go with no warning. A UPS system provides temporary back-up power which is bespoke to your organisation, offering protection against transient power events such as spikes or sags. Depending on your data centre requirements, our range of 3 phase UPS products by Riello provide an invaluable window of time to perform a controlled shut down of the data centre, if the worst were to happen. The high-density Riello Multi Power 25-42kW Modular offers a powerful conversion of online UPS is designed to protect any critical high-density computer and IT environment, whilst achieving maximum availability.


UPS Sizing and Capacity

Data centres and the IT equipment associated with them are designed to be supplied with a steady flow of power. As uninterrupted power supplies are measured in kilo Volt Amps or kVA and IT equipment is measured in watts, it is crucial to understand the power factor of the UPS needed. Most data centres will require multiple UPS of 30kVA to 300kVA. Installing multiples allows for future expansion of the organisation and subsequently the UPS size needed, which can also lower the initial financial outlay. Our team of experienced engineers will advise you of the correct sizing required and offer a complete service, from the initial site survey to final testing.


If your data centre requires a UPS to operate efficiently, contact Adept Power. As well as designing and supplying bespoke uninterruptible power supplies to businesses, we can also supply replacement UPS batteries, bypass switches, diesel generators and offer maintenance services.


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