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The Importance of UPS for Facilities Management

Securing an adequate power supply is a common challenge for many facility managers. Ensuring that power is clean and dependable, however, is often overlooked. Therefore, a robust UPS for facilities management needs to be a top priority.

A reliable uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is critical for facilities managers, to ensure all vital IT and electrical equipment is kept up and running. Voltage sags, power surges and outages can cause considerable damage to IT and other electrical equipment and can result in massive downtime. For that reason, it is essential to plan and deploy a robust UPS for facilities management.

UPS Maintenance for Facilities Management

Like most facilities infrastructures, a UPS is only as good as its maintenance regime! An effective UPS maintenance cover will ensure that your UPS performs at its best for longer. Regular maintenance can also detect potential faults and failures before they turn into a serious issue and result in a critical power failure. 

Adept Power are here to help facility managers deliver reliable, uninterrupted power across all their sites. We have a wealth of experience in providing effective UPS maintenance for facilities management. Our UPS maintenance cover includes Silver, Gold and Platinum packages, as well as an optional ‘Plus’ cover upgrade.

Adept Power Solutions for Your UPS Maintenance Cover

We can help you determine what level of cover you need based on your exact requirements. No matter which UPS maintenance cover you choose, all our service packages provide 24-hour technical support and annual servicing. With Adept Power, you get peace of mind knowing that you have a team of experts ready to resolve any issues if and when they occur.

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