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UPS Battery Replacement

UPS Battery Replacement
UPS Battery Replacement
UPS Battery Replacement

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The battery component of your UPS is the lifeblood of a standby power protection system and it’s essential that your system integrity is maintained at all times. Once your UPS batteries have been identified as requiring replacement, corrective action should be taken immediately in order to maintain the resilience of your business critical operations.

Not only can we supply you with the replacement UPS batteries required for your current system, we can also complete the battery build and then remove and dispose of your existing batteries. We are fully registered with Environment Agency to handle the removal and disposal of lead acid batteries. We can supply a wide range of UPS batteries, from 2 - 16 volt and in any Ah size.

UPS Battery Manufacturers Include:

  • Yuasa.
  • EnerSys.
  • Fiamm.
  • Wetac.
  • CSB.
  • C&D.
  • Exide.

We also offer a wealth of other battery and UPS services to help prolong the life of your existing power protection systems:

  • Extra autonomy solutions for cabinets & racks for most makes of UPS.
  • DC isolation solutions.
  • Fused transition box solutions.
  • Battery age, condition and capacity testing.
  • Load testing including thermography.
  • Battery tear-downs and reports.
  • Battery system hire sets.