20 Years

UPS Battery Solutions

The battery component of your UPS is the lifeblood of a standby power protection system and it’s essential that your system integrity is maintained at all times. Adept Power offers a wealth of UPS Battery Solutions to ensure the integrity of your DC solution.

Under manufacturer recommended conditions, the forecasted lifespan of a standard UPS battery is just 3 to 5 years. But are you aware of what the recommended conditions are?... 5 Best Practices for your UPS.

UPS Battery Replacement

Once your UPS batteries have been identified as requiring replacement, corrective action should be taken immediately. Adept Power can help replace and maintain UPS batteries.

UPS Battery Impedance Testing

It’s essential your UPS system and battery solution is properly maintained with battery impedance testing, Adept Power Solutions can test and maintain your batteries.

UPS Battery Temperature Logging

A battery temperature monitor is used to monitor and record battery temperatures at regular intervals. Adept Power Solutions can help with your UPS battery monitoring needs.

Canara UPS Battery Monitoring

APS is the exclusive & official partner for Canara UPS battery monitoring solutions in the UK, providing cost-effective and accurate battery solutions for your business.

Hot Standby Charger Solutions

Adept Power can provide options for holding spare and fully charged batteries onsite, by supplying a wall mounted battery charger. Get in touch today!

PowerShield UPS Battery Monitoring

Adept Power Solutions are proud to work with PowerShield Europe Ltd to provide UPS battery monitoring systems that ensure mission-critical power for data centres and commercial operations.