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Riello Sentryum The Future of UPS Innovation Is Here

The Sentryum (S3T) is Riello UPS’s third generation of transformerless online UPS systems. After the major success of the popular Riello Multi Sentry (MST), key improvements were made to develop a faster, better and stronger version – and so the Sentryum was born. 

By incorporating USB, RS232, and RJ10 ports, as well as a variation of slots to insert communication cards, the S3T is compatible with all Riello UPS products and services, including PowerShield3 and PowerNetGuard.

As Riello Service Partners, Adept Power Solutions is proud to be able to introduce this fantastic new range to our product catalogue. The Sentryum provides flexible power protection and is available in three sizes to meet the varied and complex needs of businesses and data centres of all capacities:

Compact (CPT)

  • The smallest of three sizes, the Compact Sentryum UPS system has been specifically designed for small, restricted spaces
  • 280mm x 840mm x 700mm (W x D x H)
  • Contains 1 internal battery string
  • Footprint less than 0.25m2 and volume of 0.17m3. 

Active (ACT)

  • The Active UPS system is the mid-size product within the Sentryum range, designed to be functional for small to medium sized data centres, depending on their needs and requirements
  • 380mm x 850mm x 1025mm (W x D x H)
  • Contains 1 or 2 internal battery strings
  • Footprint less than 0.35m2 and volume of 0.33m 

Xtend (XTD)

  • Designed for larger spaces, with the Xtend UPS solution you’ll gain the option to add an isolation transformer and upgrade your enclosure protection from IP20 or IP21 to IP31
  • 440mm x 840mm x 1320mm (W x D x H)
  • Up to 3 internal battery strings in a single cabinet
  • Footprint less than 0.4m2 and volume of 0.5m3 

Using cutting-edge technology, Riello Sentryum components are designed to run perfectly at temperatures up to 40°C. All three sizes include a dual-core processor and three-level inverters that operate at a high frequency (18 kHz). This ensures that the S3T runs flawlessly and with incredible efficiency (up to 96.5% in online double conversion mode).

Available as three-phase/single-phase input, single-phase output or three-phase input and output, the Riello Sentryum UPS has a refined control system that reduces voltage distortion. It also has a high overload and short circuit capacity, meaning the UPS system can handle sudden loads without the need of a bypass switch. 

You can install 8 S3T’s parallel to scale capacity or build in redundancy. The closed loop system keeps the UPS functioning even during disruptions to connecting cables.

The Sentryum boasts a 5-inch colour touchscreen display panel that highlights UPS measurements and statuses. It also comes equipped with a smart LED status indicator that changes colour depending on the condition and mode of the installed UPS.

User-controllable operating modes:

  • Online
  • ECO (99% efficiency)
  • Smart Active
  • Emergency (Standby off)
  • Frequency Converter

This range is ideal for use with sealed lead-acid, AGM, GEL, open vent or nickel cadmium batteries and backup sources such as supercapacitors and lithium-ion batteries. The Riello Sentryum aims to ensure optimum performance is achieved by incorporating state-of-the art battery management systems, including deep discharge protections and recharge voltage compensation.

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