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Hot Standby Charger Solutions

Hot Standby Charger Solutions

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Adept Power can provide options for holding spare and fully charged batteries onsite, by supplying a wall mounted battery charger (12, 48 or 96 volt options) complete with a bespoke open rack, transition box and battery blocs. We recommend implementing this type of installation for customers with large battery quantities whom have an extremely critical load.

This solution was developed as APS have unfortunately witnessed lengthening delivery times on certain batteries from manufacturers. Therefore, if your UPS system were to develop a number of failed blocs and consequently jeopardise the reliability of your UPS system, the urgency to replace these batteries would be extremely high. These spare and fully charged blocs will remove this urgency and provide you with peace of mind.

Our DC Specialist will look at your complete site installation, establish what is recommended for your assets and produce the relevant costs & drawings. In general, the solution would need you to provide wall of floor space to accommodate the charger or rack and a wall mounted 16amp fused spur supply per charger.

The APS engineering team will then build the battery solution, mount the charger adjacent to the fused spur and connect the AC supply providing additional redundancy for the DC element of your UPS system.