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Adept Remote Monitoring (ARM) Annual cover

Adept Remote Monitoring (ARM) Annual cover
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The Adept Power remote monitoring service (ARM) is a secure cloud-based platform providing 24/7/365 protection to your mission-critical equipment. Alarms & faults are automatically detected and this allows technical problems to be resolved more quickly and minimises disruption. This preventative approach also means we’re able to identify potential issues before they turn into a more serious proposition.

ARM is compatible with most UPS hardware and new brand UPS installations can have the ARM module built into an Adept Power bypass switch enclosure providing an incredibly neat installation solution. ARM also requires an Ethernet internet based network point and a UPS protected 13Amp socket. If a socket is not available, APS can install one to ensure the ARM module is UPS protected during a mains failure.

When a UPS fault or an alarm is triggered, real-time notifications are automatically sent to you via email, during which our UPS experts will remotely investigate the issue and conduct diagnostics, and if necessary, they will arrange for a UPS engineer to attend site in line with your maintenance contract SLA’s.

ARM cover is one of the most comprehensive monitoring services on the market. Real time SNMP data and alarms are received via an ethernet internet connection. Alerts can be sent via email and text message to ensure you always remain up to date with the status of your UPS equipment.

Benefits of Adept Remote Monitoring (ARM) Cover Includes;

  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring by UPS experts.
  • Client e-mail and/or SMS Alerts.
  • Live ARM access via a secure cloud-based web portal.
  • Realtime data via MODBUS.
  • Multi-platform solution - all your UPS located within one single monitoring system.
  • Secure network enabled system.
  • Linked directly to APS support contracts for seamless response.
  • Suitable for multiple-site networks and remote locations.
  • Reduce the number of on-site visits and maintenance costs.
  • Early fault detection to minimise risk of critical failure.
  • Simple & quick installation.