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Keeping You Powered This Spring

The days are growing longer and brighter as spring approaches, and the heating may even get turned back off. As we use less electricity, it can be easy to overlook how much we depend on power. Potential sudden high winds, thunderstorms, and heavy April showers, a power outage can catch us off guard.

The effectiveness of an organisation typically depends on its IT infrastructure, which in turn depends on consistent, high-quality power. This is where an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) comes in as an essential prevention solution. It is precisely this that keeps the computers running when the power is down and can mean the difference between a complete system failure and being able to continue use. 

Here are the top things to know for keeping you powered this spring, whether you already have an uninterruptable power supply or are considering getting one for your organisation.

Maintaining Your UPS for Adverse Weather 

Spring often brings with it more sudden adverse weather in the form of thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, and strong winds, all of which can contribute towards power outages. UPS maintenance is essential to ensure topefficiency and operating capabilities, should you require them in the event of a power cut or outage. At Adept Power Solutions, we offer UPS maintenance packages to keep your business running, provided by our qualified engineers. We also provide commissioning services , site surveys, load bank testing and much more to help keep you operational. 

When you have an uninterruptible power supply in place, you have a safeguard to prevent the loss of important data,any work in progress and avoid the detrimental effects of power surges that can cause irreversible damage to your equipment. A UPS also allows your business to remain operational during an outage to prevent business downtime. A dated and worn-out UPS system cannot perform effectively, just like any other piece of technology, so ensure you replace old components and maintain your unit to prevent electrical component failure from overusing your UPS system. 

Does a UPS protect from a power surge?

Whilst adverse weather can cause power outages, there are also power surges to consider. This disruptive sudden increase in electrical voltage can be caused simply by lightning strikes, downed power lines or just large electrical appliances being turned on or off.

Power surges can have a devastating impact on businesses, leading to both financial losses and disruption in operation. Any electronic device including computers and essential office equipment connected to the supply may be destroyed by a powerful surge. Businesses are particularly vulnerable to power surges because even the slightest interruption can have a significant effect on operations, and this is where the right UPS system can make all the difference.

An uninterruptable power supply absorbs the sudden increases in voltage, and brings it back down to a safe level, ensuring any connected equipment is shielded from harm. So, your UPS system provides two-fold protection; firstly, it absorbs the unexpected power surge preventing it from reaching the system; and secondly, it provides backup battery power when there are blackouts or instances of low voltage. This allows a steady flow of electricity to be maintained through your organisation and protects against damage due to fluctuations.

Finding the Best Uninterruptible Power Supply

The best UPS solution depends on the needs of each organisation. For smaller offices, an offline UPS can be ideal and provides backup power when the main source is interrupted. For larger operations, including server rooms and data centres, a double conversion UPS is generally the most reliable option.

Whatever solution you decide on, the best uninterruptable power supply is one that is reliable and able to provide clean, consistent power when the supply fails. Your UPS should have enough battery backup to provide temporary power while your generator or other alternative sources of power are being brought online. 

When looking for your UPS solution you want to select from a reputable brand, with experience offering a range of solutions. Leading brands such as Riello provide high-quality power protection solutions and feature advanced technologies such as AVR, power-saving modes, and smart battery management.

Whilst Eaton provide reliable power protection and feature advanced technologies such as AVR, power-saving modes, and hot-swappable batteries. The range can also remotely monitor, integrate with IT architecture, and remotely deploy or maintain a large installed base of UPSs. 

Want To Know More About UPS?

Take care to preserve and prevent failure  when looking at your UPS system this spring by making sure you have the right solution from a provider you can rely on.

We provide our clients with the most recent uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technology because, as we are a well-known power protection specialist in the business, we have the experience and expertise to understand what works best for each individual business. 

We are able to provide an unbiased UPS solution that is suited to your particular demands since we keep our independence. Contact one of the team today, and we can assist you with all areas of your backup power supply and UPS needs , whether you need a modest plug-and-play UPS system or a more comprehensive UPS for a mission-critical Data Centre site.