20 Years

Adept Power Solutions Become a Riello Service Partner

Adept Power Solutions is pleased to announce we have achieved the 2019 certification as an authorised reseller and service partner of Riello products. Riello are one of the largest manufacturers of UPS and standby systems in Europe and are part of the Riello Electronica Group, boasting three design centres in Italy.

We have been a long-term service partner of Riello’s award-winning products, offering our customers reliable and cost effective UPS solutions for 12 years. The warranty provisions we offer on both Riello UPS and UPS batteries purchased through Adept Power Solutions, go above and beyond standard warranty offerings. Our engineers complete the specialist Riello training programme, ensuring all UPS installation, battery builds, servicing and commissioning is of the highest possible standard.

Our team of expert engineers have over 150 years of experience between them, designing suitable UPS solutions for many businesses using the Riello Multi Sentry UPS products to ensure quality and peace of mind. 

What is the Riello Multi Sentry UPS?

The Riello Multi Sentry is a reliable UPS offering power protection in the most energy efficient way possible, with an operational efficiency of up to 96.5% through a three-phase UPS. 

Online double conversion systems can power capacitive, high-density loads, like blade servers. They make a great solution for large infrastructures such as data centres and mission-critical ICT and telecoms systems. All with the smallest footprint in the industry! For example, just 0.26m2 for a 20kVA plus batteries or 0.37m2 for a 40kVA with batteries, enabling you to maximise the space available and allow for further expansion.

UPS Operating Modes:

  •       Online Mode – Maximum load protection and output voltage quality
  •       Eco Mode – Maximum efficiency up to 98% as the load is powered by mains only
  •       Smart Active Mode – The UPS automatically decides what mode to run depending on the stability of incoming supply
  •       Standby/Off Mode – Designed specifically for loads which don’t need power until the mains supply fails e.g. emergency lighting


View our full range of Riello UPS solutions here and get in touch with the Adept Power Solutions team to see how we can help protect your business from power failure. Email us at [email protected] or call us on 01264 351415.