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Has your business got all-time protection against loss of power and data?

What is a parallel-redundant UPS system?

In short, this is where one or more UPS solutions are installed so that the system can continue to support the back-up power load - should one or more of the UPS modules fail or become out of service. The parallel-redundant UPS structure is one of the most common parallel protection solutions currently being used – particularly within data centres, industrial sites and large service operators.

The advantages of securing a parallel-redundant UPS system:

Compared to a single UPS system in place securing two or more UPS modules in parallel-redundant operation can achieve higher availability and energy capacity. By offering a higher level of power availability, it allows for any breakdowns or machines that are out of service – a simple and cost effective solution! 

The possibility of this ‘doubling up’ solution has, in the past, put organisations off redundant UPS solutions, as traditionally, UPS structures were popular as standalone systems.

The modern day UPS systems available with Adept Power, have overcome such reservations and guarantee cost and space saving benefits whilst providing optimum power availability.

However, the modern day UPS systems available with Adept Power Solutions are sure to guarantee benefits in cost and space-saving but overall the optimum power availability.

The ability to run two or more Uninterruptible Power Supplies in parallel, allows and ensures great power protection and resilience by using N+x configurations. N+1 provides one space UPS module, N+2 providing two spare modules and so on.

If your organisation were to suffer a loss of power, it doesn’t take long for this loss to take its effect. What solution does your business currently have in place?

Organisations should be highly motivated to invest in the best available UPS solution and deploy them in a way which ensures maximum back-up power availability.


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