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Key Things to Consider when Choosing a Diesel Generator

Although a UPS system will provide protection during power disturbance and blackouts, it is not designed to deliver backup power indefinitely. That’s why if your company’s critical power source must remain online no matter what, a standby generator is crucial to assist your existing UPS system.

Diesel generators are commonly used by a variety of different organisations – from banks to hospitals – and provide vital backup power supply no matter what size the business, so they’re perfect to provide assistance to your UPS if the time comes. We’ve looked at how to select a diesel generator to help you choose the right product for your business.

Size of the Generator 

First and foremost, you need to consider the amount of power your backup diesel generator will need to provide. The generator must have sufficient capacity and be of a size to correctly recharge the UPS batteries and cover the conversions losses of the UPS.

Generally, the maximum step load of generators falls around 65% of the total rated capacity of the generator. A generator must be sized at 172.5k or 72.5% larger than the UPS – a 100kVA UPS for example, can draw 115kVA so this size will work to accommodate the step load. You may also wish it cover non-critical services and you need to add that to the overall required kVA rating.

It’s also important to consider the physical size the diesel generator will take up on your premises. If you are limited for space, ensure you look at solutions which will suit both your power needs and your space requirements, and contemplate the location and legalities of potentially storing additional fuel on site to power it.

Control Systems and Power Management Systems

It’s always worth contemplating the type of control system and power management system the diesel generator you’re looking at provides. A control system and power management system help optimise the generator’s fuel consumption as well as its performance, and can also provide warnings and analysis data to help increase the overall efficiency. Think about the sort of data you would require, and whether you would want additional functionality – such as being able to control the diesel generator remotely.

Backup Power from Adept Power Solutions

Adept Power Solutions is a diesel generator supplier and our products can be provided either as standalone systems or as a backup to your UPS. We can supply, install, commission and maintain your entire solution, providing a combination of great service and cost-effective solutions. A professionally maintained backup diesel generator working in harmony with your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) will provide the ultimate resilience for your mission-critical systems. Find out more about diesel generators on our FAQ page.

Get in touch with Adept Power today if you want help with how to choose the right backup diesel generator for your business.