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Matching your UPS System to a Generator

Why do I need a generator?

A UPS system will provide power protection during power disturbance and blackouts, but it is not designed to deliver backup power indefinitely – if your business’s critical power source must remain online, a standby generator is crucial to assist your existing UPS system.

At Adept Power Solutions we supply a comprehensive range of diesel generators either as standalone systems or as part of a larger power continuity program. We can supply, install, commission and maintain your entire solution, providing a combination of great service and cost effective solutions.

UPS systems provide excellent power protection from short-term blackouts, and are a comprehensive solution for any application where it is vital to remain online 24/7 without any interruption. 

The generator will maintain power for up to significantly longer, before refuelling would need to commence. For critical applications, a generator is as important as a UPS, as it is the only practical source of emergency power available during a power outage. 

When the mains power fails, your UPS will accept the load and support all connection systems. The UPS acts as a power bridge, keeping your systems operational until the generator synchronises with the UPS.


What size generator?

The generator must have sufficient capacity and be of a size to correctly recharge the UPS batteries and cover the conversions losses of the UPS.

Generally, the maximum step load of generators falls around 65% of the total rated capacity of the generator. A generator must be sized at 172.5k or 72.5% larger than the UPS – a 100kVA UPS for example, can draw 115kVA so this size will work to accommodate the step load.


Off-line and line-interactive UPS technology

An offline UPS passes mains power to the critical load, while a line-interactive UPS will have some power conditioning functions.

But it’s recommended that a matched generator and UPS requires an on-line UPS that can accommodate frequency variations, the right generator will absorb most voltage variations. 


How can we help?

When businesses depend on UPS solutions, using a generator’s indefinite back-up capability becomes essential, to be sure that the power protection installation will perform as expected without compromise.

Partnering with a well-established UPS supplier offering extensive experiences of installing UPS systems, generators and integrator power systems is highly recommended.

Regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your diesel generator requirements, Adept Power are confident that our professional solutions will provide the appropriate support for your critical business activities.


Our Generators

We supply diesel generator engines from Tier one manufacturers, ensuring excellent reliability and high quality when you need it most – these include, Perkins, Cummins, Deutz, Volvo & Iveco.

Our range of options available for diesel generator solutions include;


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APS provide Generator services of the highest standard. We will take care of all your diesel Generator UPS requirements from initial design, all the way through to the final electrical testing. All of our work is completed by our highly experience and qualified engineers – in full compliance with statutory regulations.


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