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Deciding if your UPS needs a Health Check

Your UPS is a vital piece of business equipment that you need to be sure you can rely on in the event of a power failure. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your UPS is in the best health possible! 

Our fully-certified UPS engineers are able to offer you peace of mind by conducting a thorough inspection of your system, making sure your UPS is in prime condition and up to the task of protecting your mission-critical equipment.


What are the benefits of a UPS health check?
  • The main objective of the health check is to ensure that your UPS is working at its optimum efficiency and running in a reliable condition to be able to protect your equipment from any potential power failure.
  • Our engineers will carry out environment checks to make sure the UPS is housed in suitable conditions that will not impact its power protection effectiveness.
  • We will suggest possible ways to improve your UPS’s efficiency to increase protection and ensure you are receiving value for money.


What are the elements that affect whether your UPS needs a health check?
  • Age - How old your UPS is will affect how well it performs, as components will need replacing overtime to ensure it is operating as intended.

  • UPS performance - How effective is your UPS in protecting your equipment?
  • Date of last UPS service - Regular checks ensure that any issues are spotted and dealt with before they develop into more serious problems.
  • New equipment - Recently installed equipment may not be protected by your current UPS set-up.
  • Adequate power protection time - It is important to ensure your UPS will protect you for a suitable length of time in the case of power failure.
  • Environment - The environment in which your UPS is housed needs to be checked to make sure it is not having a detrimental effect on any of the components.


What will a UPS health check provide?
  •       A thorough UPS system inspection
  •       A report detailing results from the inspection
  •       UPS system recommendations


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