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Everything You Need to Know About Bypass Switches

What is an External Maintenance Bypass Switch? 

Bypass switches allow the isolation of UPS standby systems for routine servicing, repair or removal without disrupting power to the critical load. Service work can therefore be carried out during normal working hours and the need for load downtime is removed.

Types of External Maintenance Bypass Switches

At Adept Power Solutions, we offer a range of maintenance bypass switches. All manufactured inhouse, with only proven components, you can be certain of the best quality guaranteed.

The range includes bypass switches suitable for single and three phase UPS systems with single or dual input power supplies. The bypass switch panels can be wall- or rack- mounted, with variations to accommodate straightforward plug and play UPS applications, or more complex single or three phase installations. Additionally, we can customise the bypass panel to incorporate any specific requirements your business might have.

The range includes the following bypass switch models:

Wall Mount 1/1 Phase Automatic Bypass Switches

Rack Mount 1/1 Phase Automatic Bypass Switches

Rack Mount 1/1 Phase Bypass Switches

Wall Mount 1/1 Phase Bypass Switches

Wall Mount 3/1 Phase Bypass Switches

Wall Mount 3/3 Phase Bypass Switches

When to Use a Bypass Switch

External Maintenance Bypass switches are an essential addition to all UPS Solutions for safely completing repairs and/or ongoing maintenance of UPS equipment. The UPS system can be electrically isolated – taken out of the critical power circuit – for safe UPS maintenance, service work, or unit replacement without any disruption to the load by using bypass switches.  

Why Choose Adept Power Solutions?

With over 18 years of experience manufacturing reliable and high quality bypass switches, Adept Power Solutions has rapidly grown into one of the Power Protection industry’s most respected providers of UPS & Generator solutions. We are passionate about providing the best solutions for our customers and are always keen to discuss what works best for your business. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.