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How Can You Maximise Your UPS Battery Life?

An Uninterruptible Power Supply is only as reliable as the battery. A UPS battery can provide back-up mains power for both short and long periods during a power outage and therefore, is a crucial element in keeping your business running.

With the possibility of more frequent power cuts on the horizon due to high temperatures and the current energy crisis, it’s essential to ensure the longevity of your equipment. Adept Power Solutions share some top tips on how to use your UPS batteries to their full potential.

Consider the Temperature of Your UPS Battery

It’s well known that UPS batteries thrive in temperatures between 20-25°C but it’s a factor that can be easily overlooked unless you have an air-conditioning system to monitor the temperature of a room. For every 10°C above the recommended operating temperature, a UPS battery’s service life can reduce by half.

Where you can, ensure the room is well-ventilated and shaded, and this should help keep batteries cool.

UPS Battery Discharging and Its Consequences

Frequently discharging your UPS battery has a significant impact on lifespan. Every time a battery is discharged, its capacity is reduced since there are a finite number of times a battery can be charged or recharged. Fully discharging your battery will have a more detrimental impact than partial discharge, but it is good to monitor this to ensure you’re not caught out.

Is Maintenance Necessary?

Yes. Regular maintenance is a fundamental aspect of attaining optimal service life from your battery. During an inspection, engineers can pick up on signs of battery corrosion, cracking or swelling as well as clearing debris. Adept Power Solutions offer a variety of UPS maintenance packages to cover these instances.

Age is Just a Number…

UPS batteries store chemical energy which converts into electrical energy. Over time, these chemicals naturally diminish, which ultimately impacts the effectiveness of the battery and eventually, it will be time for the battery to retire. 3 to 5 years is the expected range of a battery’s lifespan, but this is heavily impacted by the environment and conditions it’s operating within. Monitoring the battery’s age will ensure that you can take corrective action and obtain a replacement swiftly.

UPS Battery Solutions

As the battery is the lifeblood of a UPS system, ensuring its integrity is imperative. Adept Power Solutions offer a range of UPS battery solutions to cover all eventualities, including:

  •       Impendence testing
  •       Temperature logging
  •       Battery monitoring
  •       Hot standby charger solutions
  •       Battery monitoring

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