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How to Determine the Correct Size of Your UPS

As a respected provider of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and generator systems, Adept Power Solutions offers a comprehensive service to determine the correct size of UPS for your requirements.

Several factors come into play, and due to the complexity of calculating accurate power ratings and technical details, as part of our service, we offer a free site survey for all new hardwired UPS & Generator installations.

Staying Powered Up, Under All Circumstances

Equipment is typically categorised according to whether it is critical in a business setting, or not. Prioritisation for backup systems is allocated to the critical items.

In certain cases, you may need to bridge the short timeframe it takes for a standby generator to start up. In other circumstances, a UPS with longer runtime is needed. Understanding such criteria can help identify the size of battery solution needed to accompany the UPS.

Determining Maximum Power Requirements

When calculating the power capacity of your UPS and/or generator, we look at the maximum load on your equipment, which will be during peak usage. As part of the site survey, our team will identify other key factors to assess, such as supply voltage, frequency, number of phases, load current, power factor and power consumption. 

A Choice of UPS Systems at Adept Power Solutions

As an industry renowned power protection specialist, our expertise and experience ensure we supply our clients with the latest in UPS technology. We offer a personalised service and comprehensive site surveys so you can rest assured our engineers understand every relevant aspect of your operations before proposing a solution. With our wide range of UPS systems, including Offline, Line Interactive and Online Double Conversion, we have something that suits every business sector.

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Adept Power Solutions is a respected providers of UPS and Generator solutions in the power protection industry. With decades of experience across the technical team, we pride ourselves on offering the skills, knowledge and know-how to resolve all types of UPS power challenges.

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