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Is your UPS Battery under threat?

The battery component of your UPS system is the lifeline of a standby power protection system. It is essential that your UPS systems’ integrity is maintained at all times & is functioning with optimum efficiency.

Batteries can be found within the components of your power continuity plan – the Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and Generator. Careful sizing and selection is a key consideration if the overall system dependability levels are to be well sustained. 

All UPS installations critically rely on this particular energy source to quickly delivery back-up power if the mains supply fails – however all batteries have a limited product life and will eventually fail.

The standard lifespan for most common batteries is 3-5 years, however this span can vary due to the environment and maintenance of the UPS battery.

Why Do Batteries Fail?

We understand that there are many factors that can compromise battery health, such as -

  •       Uneven or higher temperature measures
  •       Loss of electrolytes due to drying out or damage
  •       Lack of maintenance
  •       Aging battery
  •       Loose connections
  •       Overcharging

It is fundamental to ensure you have regular battery maintenance and servicing in place to ensure you know when your batteries are reaching the end of their life.

When Was The Last Time Your UPS Battery Was Reviewed?

Our aim and promise is to prolong your UPS batteries life for as long as possible. Our expert team are fully trained and experienced to monitor the batteries health & environment - before the problems escalate into a sudden loss of power to the critical load.

Adept Power UPS Battery Maintenance and Servicing:

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