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Manage the Energy Crisis with a Backup Power Supply

Many UK businesses, particularly those operating on a smaller scale, will be feeling the pinch this winter as energy prices soar and the requirement for reliable, secure, and consistent power supplies is at an all-time high.

A power cut could be detrimental to a business, with a potential fall in revenue being one of the obvious losses, as well as the loss of stock, damage to critical equipment and the health and safety risk posed by a blackout. Increasingly businesses are now turning towards the possibility of preserving their livelihood with reliable backup power solutions, such as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or generator. 

Reliable Power at Your Fingertips

Installing a UPS or a generator ensures that your business can stay powered on for extended periods of time when the mains is out of action. This is a simple solution to provide you peace of mind in a time of constant turbulence.

Each business will operate differently, and as such, its needs will also differ. While this can initially seem overwhelming, Adept Power Solutions offers a free technical site survey for brand new hard-wired UPS and battery installations. Likewise, we offer free site surveys for the supply of new hard-wired generator installations.

What Size of UPS Generator Do I Need?

Our qualified and experienced team will offer advice, right from initial design through to testing, to guarantee your UPS or generator is configured correctly for your business. From facilities management to the medical sector, we serve businesses of all shapes and sizes to provide you with critical backup power.

We can support you with installation, remediation, repairs and testing, as Adept Power Solutions offers a full end-to-end service to ensure your business is protected. There’s no need to sweat about the detail as that’s where our expert team come in to support you. However, some key points to consider are:

  •       Does your business have a strategy in place for a power cut?
  •       Where do you intend to place your backup power supply?
  •       What do you need the backup power supply to support?
  •       How soon do you need to implement a solution?

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