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3 Tips to Prolong the Life of Your UPS System

Ensuring your business has a reliable UPS system can be key to maintain daily operations. When you are planning electrical systems, you need to think about what preventative measures can be implemented to identify, fix and ultimately minimise potential downtime, such as installing a UPS. Preventative maintenance (PM) should be scheduled regularly to help keep your UPS systems running, whether that’s at a data centre, office space or heavy industry setting.

Here are our top tips to prolong the life of your UPS:

Consider the operating environment

Fluctuations in temperature are a common cause of UPS failure as most lead acid batteries are designed to operate within specific temperature ranges. The optimum operating environment temperature is 20-25℃ for batteries, and the failure rate increases by up to 50% with each 10℃ change.

Regular cleaning of servers, switches, UPS systems and cooling equipment is needed to maintain adequate airflow and help prevent overheating by allowing cool air to circulate through the system. Build-up of dust can block airways, so consider the environment of the industry to determine which specialist cleaning services are needed and how often cleaning needs to be performed. By conducting cleaning of airways, you can increase the time between potential failures and extend the life of UPS systems. 

Implement a monitoring and management system 

Install monitoring systems that work to minimise downtime by alerting the user to potential issues, such as power outages and surges can save valuable time and money. Our bespoke system is compatible with most UPS systems and alerts you to emergency situations where the UPS system has developed a fault. Adept Remote Monitoring (ARM) offers 24/7/365 cover with accessibility to view from any device connected to the internet.

Schedule in preventative maintenance (PM)

Having a preventative maintenance plan in place to perform inspections and replace parts (such as; AC/DC Capacitors, fans and batteries) reduces downtime and maintains the overall health of UPS systems. Planned maintenance is significantly different to unplanned works, which is often performed in emergency situations when systems fail rather than taking measures to prevent system failure. PM can lengthen the life of UPS systems by 20-50% over a manufacturers lifespan, which can impact the overall running of a system and business.

If your business could benefit from a UPS system refresh or needs to implement a maintenance schedule, get in touch with Adept Power Solutions. We have designed an industry-leading modular UPS maintenance programme for all our customer's needs; we fully understand that different customers have different maintenance requirements. Our modular system allows you to pick and choose the options you require, ensuring you receive a cost-effective and fully optimised UPS maintenance contract that suits your exact requirements.  

Discuss your UPS maintenance needs today with a member of our friendly team on 01264 351 415 or you can email us at [email protected]