20th Anniversary

Adept Power is delighted to announce two new apprentices!

Adept Power welcomes two new apprentices Ethan Butcher and Toby Phillips, to the team. An apprenticeship combines study with practical job training and we are proud to support Ethan and Toby in their ongoing study whilst gaining job-specific skills. 


Ethan joins as a UPS Electrical Engineer Apprentice and Toby as a UPS Electrical Production & Warehouse Apprentice. They have both recently completed their Level 2 Electrical Installation course at Andover College and join us as Level 3 apprentices.

From Andover, both Ethan and Toby will be attending Basingstoke College of Technology every Thursday for the next 2 years.

Long-term Ethan will be working towards becoming a fully-fledged UPS Engineer and Toby will become a Specialist Technician and be involved in the design and build of our wide range of Bypass Switches & DC Fuse boxes.


Welcome to the Adept Power Team!