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UPS Battery Impedance Testing: Reliable Capacity Monitoring

Your UPS battery string is only as strong as your weakest battery and how can you tell the weak link? You may have failing cells within a string, causing additional strain to all the adjacent units, this will increase overall replacement costs considerably when you eventually realise something has gone catastrophically wrong!

What is UPS Battery Impedance Testing?

UPS Battery Impedance Testing involves recording a cell’s internal resistance.

When a battery cell’s internal resistance rises to more than 25% above its known base line value, the cell fails capacity testing.

With a life expectancy around 3-5 years, it makes sense to be able to measure each cell of a battery individually, as opposed to load testing, which only reports the ability of the entire string.

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Benefits of UPS Battery Impedance Testing

At Adept Power Solutions, we recommend annual UPS Battery Impedance Testing. This helps create either a timeline to accurately depict the actual lifecycle of a battery or to identify adjustment areas in the environment.

Adept Power battery testing identifies weak links in your UPS strings. This allows for a swift and cost-effective replacement or reconditioning of that specific cell, instead of replacing the whole string at once.

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